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Nymfaio, Greece & Pelister Park, Republic of North Macedonia

Nymfaio in Greece and Pelister National Park in the Republic of North Macedonia are ideal spots for observing biodiversity and engaging in exciting activities, such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, water biking, jeeping, motorcycling, and horseback riding. Immerse yourself in the abundant biodiversity of these regions while exploring the exciting array of activities they offer and discover the adventure across the borders.


Experience the natural wonders of Nymfaio (Greece), Pelister National Park (Republic of North Macedonia) and Prespa Lakes! Discover marked paths leading to breathtaking Alpine-like landscapes, perfect for hiking enthusiasts of all levels. Uncover the rich biodiversity of Pelister National Park and marvel at its famous icy lakes.


Unleash your adventurous spirit at Pelister National Park, in the Republic of North Macedonia and at Nymfaio, Greece! Prepare for an exhilarating experience amidst its alpine wonderlands. Conquer the breathtaking rock fromations and embrace the challenge of exploring its thrilling routes.


Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure! Rent a bike and explore this picturesque village, nestled in the scenic Florina region of Northern Greece, or the beautiful Pelister Park in the Republic of North Macedonia. Don’t miss the chance to ride the popular Vitsi Mountain Trails, catering to all skill levels, or venture into Prespes National Park Routes for stunning lake views.

The main objective of the project is to promote the crossborder (CB) destination as a touristic attraction by framing the existing natural and manmade potential into marketable and sustainable touristic offer.

Main project outputs are directly connected to the objective of promoting CB destination as touristic attraction by:


Developing at least 2 joint CB Touristic Products, one-day or/and multi-day trips to the CB area that will introduce visitor packages of an outdoor activity and cultural content, linking the area of Western Macedonia and Pelagonija into one stop destination


4 Natural landmarks/sites are arranged and attractive to visitors introducing new touristic outdoor content


Joint attendance in ITS, IT platform and other PR tools will be implemented as well


Enchanced or newly developed bussiness links accross the border due to intensive participation of 25 enterprises from CB area


Strategic analysis “Destination Plan” of the CB area based on incoming tourism supply/demand analysis which capitalizes previous INTERREG investment in the CB area


FAM tour for travel industry (buyers, promoters) aimed at testing before marketing the newly developed products


Local capacities are built of at least 40 people working in the tourism area offering sustainable touristic products


At least 10 new jobs are created down the supply chain as the new tourism products will be delivered by local labor in the CB area


Specific sets of expertise on outdoor traveller experience is transferred from Greece to the Republic of North Macedonia as YMCA (at the Nymfaio camp) will perform train of traineers on managing the adventure park in NP Pelister.

In NP Pelister an adrenalin park, zip line and via ferrata will be installed while in Nymfaio’s camp a site will be upgraded to provide activity based accommodation in rural area all year round extending the touristic season and enabling local businesses down the supply chain to continious source of income

Pelister – a mountain of sublime beauty

Natural beauties, clear spring waters, alpine terrain, Molika (Pinus peuce) forests, rocky surfaces, endemic animal and plant species and countless other rarities, including the glacial lakes called “Pelisterski Ochi”, are the beauties that should be visited, experienced and felt on the mountain beautiful Pelister on Baba Mountain. To put it in the language of the common visitor, what Pellister National Park has is not found anywhere in the world.

Pellister is a national park in RS. Macedonia, which is located between the Prespa Valley and Pelagonia. It is the first national park on the territory of RS. Macedonia, proclaimed in 1948 and its total area is 17,150 hectares.

It covers parts of the mountain Baba, as well as its more famous peak Pelister (2,601 m.). But despite the fact that it occupies a high mountain area, this national park is quite accessible.

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