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Nymfaio, Greece & Pelister Park, Republic of North Macedonia

Nymfaio in Greece and Pelister National Park in the Republic of North Macedonia are ideal spots for observing biodiversity and engaging in exciting activities, such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, water biking, jeeping, motorcycling, and horseback riding. Immerse yourself in the abundant biodiversity of these regions while exploring the exciting array of activities they offer and discover the adventure across the borders.


Experience the natural wonders of Nymfaio (Greece), Pelister National Park (Republic of North Macedonia) and Prespa Lakes! Discover marked paths leading to breathtaking Alpine-like landscapes, perfect for hiking enthusiasts of all levels. Uncover the rich biodiversity of Pelister National Park and marvel at its famous icy lakes.


Unleash your adventurous spirit at Pelister National Park, in the Republic of North Macedonia and at Nymfaio, Greece! Prepare for an exhilarating experience amidst its alpine wonderlands. Conquer the breathtaking rock fromations and embrace the challenge of exploring its thrilling routes.


Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure! Rent a bike and explore this picturesque village, nestled in the scenic Florina region of Northern Greece, or the beautiful Pelister Park in the Republic of North Macedonia. Don’t miss the chance to ride the popular Vitsi Mountain Trails, catering to all skill levels, or venture into Prespes National Park Routes for stunning lake views.


Hop on a Jeep tour and venture into the rugged terrain and scenic landscapes, unlocking access to remote areas rarely explored by regular vehicles in Pelister National Park! Don’t miss this chance to experience an unforgettable Jeeping journey!


Rev up your engines and embark on an epic motorcycling adventure. Feel the thrill as you ride through winding roads and discover the park’s stunning beauty. With diverse landscapes, from lush forests to alpine meadows and challenging mountain passes, it’s a dream destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.


Discover the joy of water biking at Zazari Lake in Greece! Experience the thrill of water biking, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of this picturesque freshwater lake in Western Macedonia. Glide across its tranquil waters, taking in breathtaking views of majestic mountains and lush forests.



Indulge in a gastronomic adventure across Florina, Nymfaio, and Prespes! Discover the rich culinary traditions highlighting the region’s agricultural products and authentic flavours. In Florina, savour the delectable taste of Florina’s peppers, renowned for their sweetness and versatility in spreads and dips. Don’t miss the chance to try the acclaimed giant elephant beans (in Greek: gigantes), along with other local delights like feta cheese, and mouth-watering pastries. Satisfy your taste buds with an array of traditional dishes and local products, creating unforgettable memories in each culinary delight!


Embark on a wine lover’s dream journey in Nymfaio, Greece! Explore the region’s renowned wine production, boasting excellent white and red wines. Follow the enticing “wine roads” and immerse yourself in scenic vineyards, wineries, and charming wine- producing villages.

Engage in guided tours and tastings, experiencing the true essence of Florina’s wine culture. Be part of wine events and festivals, celebrating Greek hospitality while indulging in the region’s exquisite wines.


Saddle up for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure in Nymfaio, Greece! Explore the charming surroundings and picturesque landscapes of this traditional village, steeped in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Whether you ‘re skilled rider or a beginner, Nymfaio offers a delightful experience for horseback riding enthusiasts of all levels.


Calling all winter sports enthusiasts! Near Nymfaio, Greece, don’t miss the thrilling skiing experience at Vigla-Pisoderi Ski Center. Nestled in the Verno Mountains, the centre provides stunning viws of the surrounding landscape. Near Pelister National Park, the Republic of North Macedonia, discover the excitement of skiing at Popova Shapka Ski Resort. 

With a variety of slopes for all levels and ample snowboarding opportunieties, the resort promises unforgetable winter sports fun. Freeride skiing in the Republic of North Macedonia is a treat for many reasons: the amazing snow, the uncrowded and breathtaking beautiful mountains.


Nymfaio in Greece and Pelister National Park in the Republic of North Macedonia offer exceptional opportunities for animal watching and wildlife observation. Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of these regions, home to various animal species. Pelister National Park boasts diverse flora and fauna, providing a chance to observe bears, deer, wild boars, and an array of bird species. Experience the rare and rewarding adventure of bear watching, and catch a glimpse of golden eagles, peregrine falcons, and alpine choughs during birdwatching excursions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Environmental Centre ARCTUROS, a remarkable initiative protecting wildlife and the environment. Witness the rescued dancing bears and support their lifelong sanctuary. Explore the Wolf Care Center and embrace the wonder of the park’s elusive creatures.


Experience the captivating allure of Bitola, a historic city brimming with cultural and architectural treasures! Delve into its rich past, tracing back to ancient times, and immerse yourself in its well-preserved buildings, monuments, and traditions.

Discover the charm of Florina, nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains, along the Sakoulevas River! Uncover its ancient history and savour the delightful blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Stroll, through the Old Town’s cobbled streets, relishing the ambience of traditional houses and exploring historical sites and museums.

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